Virgil Titarenco

  Hi, I’m Virgil.

... “poet, philosopher and engineer...” may sound like a show off. But yes, although I'm an engineer I write poetry. I even published a volume of poetry in my native language. Called “Mirabile dictu”. A while ago. I write in English and Romanian. Anyway, I am an engineer. Graduated Chemistry. Long time ago. Worked as a software and requirements engineer, too. So, yeah, it’s complicated. The Poet is always there. The right side of my brain. Embracing nuances and imperfections. Or, as the Engineer puts it, indulging in the irrational. While, he, the Engineer, is obsessed with perfection, symmetry, logic and determinism. Or, using the Poet's words, struggles with his Pythagorean frustrations. 'cause the world is perfect and imperfect in the same time. So, here comes the Philosopher. The guy who got his degrees from lectures, not from some dusty university. He’s always in the middle, trying to bring peace thru wisdom. However, if you want to contact me, or drop me a note, please use the “Let’s stay in touch” link. Above all, feel free to visit and read my page.
I write poetry, I paint, I love photography, I travel thru Scriptures, I think. 

I am a Romanian-American. So, I keep moving back and forth between languages. You’ll see that here. Obviously, everything is moving more and more away from Romanian, and towards English, in my life. I guess that’s unavoidable. I’ll try to post bilingual as much as I can but I’m not going to be able to cover everything.
You can reach this website via two web addresses: virgil.ro and virgil.us.